Collar Conncetors

I tried out some different ways to make the top piece of the lightshade fix together, both a more geometric, edged style, and a round bubble. I thought that the circular shape matched better with the overall theme of the form, but it was a little more difficult to get it to look right. The square shape looked passable even if it wasn’t aligned absolutely perfectly. The circle, however, needed several attempts at readjustment before it looked ok. I changed the length of the collar, and the size of the male piece to make it fit more snugly, without so much of a gap. There is still a small amount of space in the fit, but due to the stretch of the acrylic, it is inevitable. I am fairly happy with the outcome.


New Angelina Fibres

[photos of other colours?]

Bought some new types of angelina fibres, in fun and bright colours, which I love.

This new colour, gold, is a little more difficult to work with; the fibres are comprised of two colours which have different properties regarding heat bonding, so one of them loses its iridescent sheen sooner, but the other won’t bond if I don’t take my time. However, the result turns out a little more muted than the other fluorescent colours, which I think adds something to the elegance of the shell shade when they are paired together.

Acrylic Rod Tests

Testing out the capabilities of bending twisted acrylic rod. It is fairly easy to bend into a curve while twisting, but significantly more difficult to adjust once it’s already been twisted. So while it is not exactly that it needs to be perfect on the first try, the closer I can get it to that the better.

I also tested this out using only two rods twisted together, as this will afford me a chance to make a mistake when I use the longer rods. I intend to make maquettes out of wire to determine the scale and tightness of the form that I would mould the acrylic rods into.

Combination of Irisescence

On a spur of the moment decision, I took some photographs of my iridescent bowl, along with an angelina fibre ball. This sparked the idea of the small bubble-shaped wall mounted lights, which will be a round ball of angelina fibre, with a collar of iridescent floral acrylic, and battery powered.

I do quite like this ratio of fibre to acrylic, however; it looks like a strange creature’s nest with an egg inside of it. The strong angular lighting on it casts colourful shadows on the floor, and reflections onto the centre sphere, which if they were more closely fitted, might not work so well.

This design would work better in a brighter environment than my other works, as a modern kitchen would be well lit and could achieve these reflections and look very beautiful.

Lighting Tests

Testing out how the newer outer shell looks with and LED inside of it.

I also tested out what it would look like in a smaller, bubble-like form. I intend to create a selection of smaller, wall-mounted lights this kind of size. I also want to make a much larger version, to go inside a bowl-shaped shade that will resemble the bowl I made before christmas.