Claire Curneen

The works of Claire Curneen are simultaneously dark and light, with themes of angels are otherworldly creatures. When I first saw the first one, I couldn’t work out from a distance whether it was a gorgon, or it it was someone with a forest atop their head, but when I looked closer I was surprised to find tiny porcelain fingers attached to branches. Is the mysterious figure collecting them? Why?

20150922_130652 20150922_130645

The terracotta angels, with their gold dipped hands, wings and feet, make me think that the gold lustre is blood. Maybe it’s because of the genre of books I read, but I imagine angels to be vicious creatures, so maybe there is a corpse or something that we can’t see, and they are covered in blood from it. The sideboard says that the gold signifies high status, but that doesn’t explain why it’s dripping all over their hands and faces…

20150922_125638 20150922_125438


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