In london, with college, i went to TENT which is an exhibition for makers and artists, and it was full of interesting things that fit in perfectly with my current project brief ‘beautiful & usable’.

I found myself particularly attracted to the plant based ideas, for example a machine which looks like a mini UFO that is designed to take care of plants from seeding to harvesting time, with minimal input from the owner. The blue light that it shines on the leaves made it look very sci-fi (alien plants?!) which I loved, and cast multicoloured shadows on the table.


20150925_125734 20150925_130445  20150925_132303 20150925_132734 20150925_133529

I adore this piece because it combines two things that I love, which is lighting and greenery- I’m always fascinated by the sunlight filtering through leaves, and this terrarium twists that and gives it the look of a portal inside a tiny forest. I could imagine heroes and heroines from books walking through this to complete a quest in another dimension.


This set of iridescent bubble lampshades really caught my eye too, as they were visible from the window before we went inside. They remind me of magic and made me feel a little small- like a giant had blown bubbles next to me.



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