What is Luxury?

An exhibition at the V&A looked into what defines luxury- I found that it requires high skill, long labour time and sometimes rare materials, though that’s not completely necessary. I realise in retrospect that my favourites were mainly white or clear, because I didn’t like any of the others, they felt often too much like a random mishmash of too much stuff.

My phone camera did not do justice to this first piece. The Fragile Future Chandelier, by Studio Drift, is a light fitting made up of copper, which acts as the conductor for the electricity, and led lights inside dandelion heads. The time it took to conceive and create is mindblowing, let alone the delicacy and patience involved.


This piece, by Nora Fok, entitled Bubble Bath, is made from knitted nylon microfilament, and designed to make the wearer look as though they are in a bubble bath. I’m attracted to circles and spheres, so I really love it, particularly the transparency. It reminds me of cartoons where someone would put too much washing powder in the dishwasher and it would overflow with bubbles.


20150925_153350 20150925_153629


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