Slip Casting

Making the moulds was fairly easy, and I enjoyed the messy parts such a mixing the plaster for the casts. The part where I had the most problems was actually pouring the slip into my moulds, as I think I either made the spare too narrow, or chose a form that was too small, as the hole had closed up and when I took it out. It was still full of slip and it warped since that made it too wet ands malleable. The light bulbs worked better,  but still suffered the warping, to a certain extent.

20150929_161539 20151013_120900 20151013_122646

Inspired by Lowrie Davies’ bone china lithophanes that I saw at the fragile? exhibition, I would like to have carved into the light bulb so I could illuminate it from the inside. I think since the shape is already something we associate with light, the material being opaque would change things up a bit, and look interesting.



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