Design Brief

I intend to make a night light/lampshade for my first project, ‘Beautiful & Usable’, and my intention is to project an image onto the walls. It will be designed to go in a child’s bedroom, or in a hospital room for children, or even an adult’s. It could have potentially therapeutic uses, and encourage calmness for bedtime etc.

I will use laser cut wood or opaque perspex to project the images, and either use translucent coloured perspex or different coloured light bulbs to change the colours. I drew a quick sketch on SAI to illustrate the kind of thing I would like to create, based on some imagery I feel would fit the theme of The Beauty and The Beast.


After visiting Cardiff Castle, and having a tour, I want to include a narrative into my image projection. I took some photos of the children’s room, which has murals of famous story characters on the walls.

20151028_161016 20151028_161021 20151028_161030

The hard part will be choosing a story to illustrate…


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