Relationship Between Maker and the Body

I am doing the course Artist Designer Maker at Cardiff Met, and one of my lectures is about the body and in society.

My course is primarily made for the creation of 3D objects, and therefore can be very oriented around consumer needs, so therefore ergonomics sometimes need to be taken into account along with safety and function. Almost everything to do with making an object revolves around the body in some way, be it the process, the material, or the use of the end product.

The feel of the materials you use to make something has an impact on the body, for example the texture of polished or rough hewn wood, or the visual appearance of enamelled metals. The process of making something requires that you put thought into safety, as sometimes the processes are dangerous, like using a bandsaw to cut something, so protective clothes must be worn. The function needs the most input, as it hinges on the person using it, so if it’s a seat, for example, then you must think about how to make it comfortable, or portable, or aesthetically pleasing.


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