Light Fitting

I need to have a LED light for my project so the heat from the bulb does not set fire to the wood- safety concerns- otherwise I would have to find a way of fireproofing the wood and fireproof spray is expensive. I bought cable and LED lightbulb from Clas Olsen so that i can have an example when I have my maquette. Then I will be able to take some photos of the light being projected onto the wall, and can display it more easily.

I need to decide on a way to attach my pendant lampshade to the light fitting.
At the moment, I think that I have 2 options: one way is that I buy a metal part from someone who had them commissioned (the part I need is difficult to get hold of) and attach it the the wood part with wire; the other way is that I lasercut this part as well and glue it in.

metal piece

After speaking to a tutor, we decided that it would be more reliable and overall safer to use a premade metal piece, and will arrange the measurements according to this. I will attach it to the wooden part with wire.


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