Cardboard Lasercut

In order to make sure my file was working, and to test the assembly, I first made my lampshade from card. The cut was quick, to my surprise, and it came out slightly smaller than I imagined it, though I think that is because when I was making the design on Adobe Illustrator, I had to zoom in to see the details better.

There are lots of very delicate pieces that are flimsy and likely to break off, but I’m hoping that once it’s made in wood these will be more sturdy.

The other drawback is that it doesn’t project the image onto the walls in the way that I hoped- the shapes are vague and unformed, even when I hold it near the wall. A friend suggested that this may be because of the amount of negative space. I may have to inlay it with something translucent, like tissue paper, to disperse the light better. I will lose the intended effect but it may look better.


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