Wood Lasercut

I used 6mm plywood for this, which was a mistake- the pattern was designed for 4mm- which is why I had to cut it through twice, but it isn’t too noticeable in the end.

The metal piece is fixed on with black coated copper wire, in eight places, so it’s very secure. There is little risk of fire since the light is an LED light, and the frame holding it is made from metal.

Points I could Improve on:

  • I should sand down the exterior to minimise the burn marks.
  • I would like to paint the outside white, and coat the inside edges with glitter, to make it more eye catching and fun.
  • I’d like to try and cut the same pattern in both wood and translucent perspex, then insert the cut-out pieces into the wooden frame (or vice versa) to create either a stained-glass effect or a silhouette effect.
  • I could line the interior with reflective paint so that the light is stronger.

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