Table Project

For our wood workshop have to make a drop leaf table, preferably with lathed legs as this gives us an opportunity to learn how to use the lathe.

It must measure under 1M squared when hinges are unfolded so figure out measurements,  and if I intent to have legs that are lathed, I must have a pattern for this (2″ by 2″ legs), and also consider other kinds of decoration for the surface, like staining and painting.

my design will be wall mounted and consist primarily of the drop leaf section, as I am conscious that I will likely not have much space to put a table when I have made it, so I wanted to make something that can fit into a smaller space.

fb55f1089d36f00857dfc4685008b859table design

This Ikea table is my main inspiration for this.

My design consists of a shelf like protrusion which is affixed to the wall with screws, and a triangular shape which swivels outwards to prop up the table. The table top and wall piece will be made up of smaller slats glued together to make the correct size, and will be a semicircle shape.



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