Future Generations

On the conference day, I had two seminars which were called Joey the Mechanical Boy (about humanity versus machinery) and The Future is Already Here It’s Just Unevenly Distributed (about all the new tech that has come out and is going to come out soon), both of which I found incredibly interesting.

Joey the mechanical boy fueled my interest in prosthetics, which was sparked in last term’s constellation sessions, and also made me more interested in the concept of what counts as technology- also ‘where do we end and where does technology begin?’

In my second seminar, we discussed what new technology is in progress, and maybe not available to the public yet, such as 3D printing in cartilage and in space, and the convergence of AI and ourselves as humans. Then we went into how our perceptions of the future have changed a lot ion the last 50 years. Some predictions have been realised, like mobile phones, but others remain scifi dreams.

We also talked about aliens.


The next day there were workshops, which weren’t exactly related to the design briefs all that much, and more about getting to know people from other departments. I had a workshop on play, and its benefits (where we participated in group games and competitions) and meditation which I didn’t enjoy so much.


At least as a starting point I would like to pursue this interest in technology in relation to the body.




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