Grimly Fiendish (Gothic Style)


Going through much the same process as we did last week, as a group we analysed several case studies of Goth fashion, listing what we saw and what that could mean. The connotations were very important, as most of the visual imagery led to morbid themes centring death and brokenness.

Looking further into the style, we pinpointed that a lot of the inspiration for this subculture derives from romantic poetry and literature from the Victorian era, much of which was focused on mortality and other dark themes. This is a modification of a historical component, which shows that they were bringing new meaning to something old. They combined a mixture of Victorian style mourning attire with BDSM scene gear, like chains and latex. Also, they deliberately ripped their clothes, to achieve a ‘decayed’ appearance, similar to what a corpse might look like if reanimated. Further to this, they covered their faces with white make up and used black lipstick, adding to the ‘dead’ look.


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