Remake Remodel (Hip Hop Style)


Hip Hop is an urban street style which originated in New York in the late 80s. It began as a response to the surge in capitalism at that point, and was a way of unashamedly showing off the individuals’ wealth with huge gold chains and expensive clothing and competing to see who had the most expensive belongings.

Some punks would steal the small statues from the front of expensive cars and wear them around their necks like trophies, stating visually that they were criminals and using it as a symbol of status. Another criminal activity which they claimed was graffiti, to mark their territory in gang terms.

In many of the garments worn in Hip Hop fashion, there is a direct reference to African Textiles, as Hip Hop is an African American style, and a hybrid of both western fashion and that of the motherland. The amalgamation was to show that they knew where they came from and wouldn’t forget the awful things their grandparents went through.



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