This is a miniature prototype version of the castle ruin i intend to create. With this i simply made a tube and marked the bricks directly onto the surface, so that I could get a feel for the size and shape of the thing, but for the real piece I intend to make it up using small bricks.

One thing that I have noticed on my trip to the castle I live near is that the bricks all seem to be of different sizes, and whether this is because they have changed shape and size after years of weathering and wearing down, I would like to create a similar effect, so when I make my bricks I will be making them of different sizes.

I have not yet decided whether I want to build the structure while the bricks are still wet or after they have dried- both ways will present different problems. If i build when they are still wet the shape will warp and sag in places, and if I wait until they are dry then if I run out of bricks I will have to wait a long time for any more to dry, and I will have to use something in place of mortar to keep them together, that is safe for firing.

Another problem I need to overcome is the possibility of a glaze- I don’t want it to be shiny as that will ruin the aged look but i also need it to retain water as it will essentially be working like a plant pot for whatever plant I put inside. Furthermore I should look into having the bricks be different colours for variety- that could fairly easily be attained by using ceramic paint before I fire the whole thing, however.


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