This is the finished (almost) product of my field work. We made a game based on monopoly, talisman and game of life, based around the stereotypes of a university student. Our target audience is mostly university students, but also people about to go into university or older people who have already graduated, for nostalgia.

It is a dice roll game where the colour square you land on determines the colour of card you pick up, split into categories with different types of event. On each card there is an event which gives the player plus or minus points, and when the player reach a certain amount of points they advance to the next ring inwards until they ‘graduate’, winning the game.

The counters are laser cut with an image glued on, of items that one might normally associate with a student, like a can of baked beans with a spoon in, or a broken phone.

While working on this collaborative piece, I found that it’s more difficult than I previously thought to find times that every group member can make it to, as everyone is busy with other projects. That being said, it was a lot of fun when we were all together; I was lucky, I think, to have been put with people who were as enthusiastic for this project as I was.

There are still a lot of thing we would like to have done if we had more than a week to finish this off, such as having stereotyped student characters as the counters, and a more sleek, polished outcome, but I am pleased with what we accomplished.


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