Fight The Power (Zoot Suit)


Learning about the zoot suiters really pushed home the fact that in order to understand something you need to know it’s background. In order to fully grasp how rebellious the zoot suiters were, you have to understand that at the time of their inception, the war forbade the purchase of excess fabric due to insufficient supply. The style around the time was slim cut, so as not to be wasteful, but the zoot suits were made to be loose fitting, and even raised the waistline of the trousers just to be contrary to the sumptuary laws, and use more materials.

People wearing these suits were protesting America’s stance on World War 2 , and how the government seemed so concerned about the welfare of people in other countries yet treated non-white people so badly, with lynchings and visually proved that they did not support the patriotic values of the rest of the (white) population.


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