Caerphilly Castle

My family and I visited Caerphilly Castle, which allowed me to gather more photographs of real castle ruins. This time I took special interest in the brick work, as the last time i was mostly taking photos of the plants. I noticed that the bricks are unequal in size and are of different colours, and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. This is likely due, in part, to wear and tear of the stone. In order to replicate this effect, I will use several different colours of clay when building my castle, and have some bricks smaller and some larger than others. Also I will use paint to give a mottled effect of lichen, or perhaps boot polish to acheive the gritty, grimy surface.

While I was there, and previously online, I learned more about the architecture and building techniques to erect a castle. The amount of workforce it takes surprised me; more than 4000 workers over the span of usually about 20 years.


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