Finished building the castle ruin. There is half a wall and most of a tower, with cracks and a lot of leftover bricks that I will arrange once it is all dry. In the cracks of the building, I have planted some seeds and small sprouts, so that they might grow and eventually cause the structure to fall apart. The addition of the soil and seedlings makes it look dirtier than before, which adds to the aged appearance.

Inside the tower I plan on adding more soil, inside a bit of a carrier bag so that when it gets watered there isn’t as much leakage, and inside that I’ll plant a leafier weed that I will find somewhere outside. Around the bottom I will arrange some moss to look like grass, collected from the area surrounding my university, which will probably raise above the level of the castle base, as often the ground level raises and grass grows high enough to hide the very bottom of the walls in mounds.


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