Smash It Up (Punk Style)


The Punks were a subculture that deliberately dressed in a way to shock and repulse the parent society. It was a rebellion against the system, and vehemently anti-capitalist and anti-establishment.

Everything they did was intended to be seen as shocking or repugnant, for example wearing swastikas on their clothes, or tampons as earrings. They styled their hair upp in almost impossible weapon-like spikes and mohawks using soap, and dyed it using food colouring. They revelled in the publics’ violent reaction to their presence.

“Style as bricolage” -Dick Hebdige. While it’s not the first time I’ve heard this term in this study group, it is the first time i’ve really understood how it works exactly. Giving an object new meaning by putting it in a different context is something the punks did very well, and the example used in the session was the safety pin- its’ intended function is to keep thing held together, but punks took them and used them as piercings, or just  pinned them all over their clothes redundantly.



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