As a finishing touch to my castle, I dug up some moss from the area surrounding the university and placed it around the base of my castle, to look like grass. I think the effect works well, especially with the smaller fern-like plants. The only problem with this is how quickly it dries out.

Another issue was that as the clay bricks dried out, the whole structure became loose and a lot of them fell off and I had to find a way to fix them back together in a more stable way. Using a glue gun didn’t work, so I resorted to super glue. Not all of it was fixable, but the concept of this piece is ruin and age so I don’t think it matters. If anything it adds to the effect now, although it was frustrating at the time. The most important part to fix was the archway, which is still intact.

I’m pleased with how it came out but I would have liked to have used cement or something to fix the bricks together better.


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