Jewellery Ideas

The first image, scanned from my sketchbook, is a selection of ideas I’d like to pursue. The second page is a variety of pattern ideas, which I will redraw on illustrator, laser cut in acrylic and then heat mould. I’m interested to see how the twisting and shaping of the material distorts the shape of the images I cut into it, and whether it would be plausible to fit some kind of light behind it, so it illuminates the skin.

I will need to look into the kind of lights that would work for something this small, and how I could power it. Perhaps I could make the chain a wire, and have it switch on when the clasp is done up. The biggest issue i think i will face is where to put the battery itself, as they aren’t that small and the jewellery I intend to make is unlikely to fit it inside the pendant. Alternatively I could have the battery hidden on the back of the necklace.

Another route I could take is fibre optic cables: rather than having it on a chain around the neck, it could be more like a collar, more solid, and be a tube with fibre optic cables running through it, that are visible through the designs that are cut into the material.

I would also like to look into resin in silica moulds as a possibility- whether trapping LEDs inside would ruin them or disallow them from working properly. For this, I would like to take a similar route to the acrylic pieces, and have foil or thin plastic with designs cut out of them to let light shine through.


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