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Today I spent almost five hours working on a cardboard test piece, to scope out some of the possibilities. The squares are 3x3cm and don’t give very much. If I were to do a bracelet then I would need to figure out a way of having it so there is a fastening. Maybe a magnet, though it would need to be a very strong one, yet small enough not to be uncomfortable at the same time.

My other option is to have two layers- one fabric on underneath, and stitch the edge pieces along the opening with a zip sewn into the fabric. Apart from the edge which is sewn to the fabric, the rest of the chain mail (for lack of a better word to call it) is free to move around. I would also like to find a way to incorporate LEDs into the design, most likely in a certain area, like around the collar or the hem/waistline for a better effect.

Found on ebay after a long time searching because this style apparently doesn’t have a name.

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