Designs for Acrylic

Making a sheet for cutting out the shapes I plan to use on my dress. I will test out how both these shapes work in plastic before deciding which shape to ultimately use, and before even doing that, I will design a plan based on the shape of the dress itself.

dress shapes.png

Depending on the acrylic I choose to use, I looked into etching a pattern onto the plastic so it shows up when worn. If I go with a plain colour plastic, which will be cheaper, then I may do a pattern on it, however I am aware that this will take an awfully long time to produce, and I will have to spend a lot longer than I want to using the laser cutter.

My preferred method will be using shiny or reflective acrylic, but this will be rather expensive. Both ways have pros and cons but I will need to test things out before I can make a decision.

scales dress.png

I must also research the sizes of the LEDs so I can insert the right size hole for them. I may need to make a separate sheet for LED practice.


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