La Perdrix

Over the Easter holiday, I went on a trip to france with some coursemates to do pottery and have a good time. The type of ceramics we did was raku fired, which involves a specific type of clay and glaze to achieve a cracked look. It also has a very distinct smell, because of the sawdust. This is placed over and around the piece, so that it burns (due to the intense heat of the already-fired ceramic) so that the ashes fall into the cracks and make them more visible. It can also be used to restrict the flow of oxygen, which can change the effect of some of the glazes, notably copper glaze. If allowed to oxidize, it turns green, but if prevented, it turns out a lovely iridescent copper colour, hence it’s name.

It was my first time throwing, and I really liked it, which surprised me- I didn’t expect to like it much at all. Despite having gained abrasion wounds, I think I would like to try it again. Also, we did figurative modeling of each other’s faces, and while I do not think my attempt was particularly successful, I enjoyed the process nonetheless.

Besides the artwork, we did a lot of cooking, which was great fun and meant that we ate way too much. As a group we watched movies together, and played games- like ping pong- and went on trips to market places. I didn’t buy much myself, but I was able to help in translating for some of my friends.

Overall, the entire trip was hugely enjoyable, and I think I am more comfortable with the people who I went with now.


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