acr2124-aw1_1The laser cutter will only fit a maximum of 400mmx600mm.

Looking into the purchase of acrylic sheets to use for my dress. There is a range of colours on this site, but the sheets come in squares or sizes that don’t match up with the laser cutter. The best size fitting I can see is 600mmx300mm which costs £14.40 per sheet.

On this site I was able to find more variation in the kind of acrylic I can buy, such as sparkly, or pearlescent. They also come in sizes that fit more specifically to the dimensions of the laser cutter, but some of them ( the sparkly ones) are far more expensive. The pearlescent ones seem cheaper however.

This site has a lot more range of patterns and styles but it is harder to understand the sizes and it’s far, far out of my price range. Furthermore, it is an American company and the shipping would likely take a while. I do love the glitter sheets, however, and if I could afford it then I would probably go for one of these.

I need to look at my dress patterns and conclude how much acrylic I will need before buying anything. Both websites are british, so shipping shouldn’t take too long.



After speaking to the tech dems they recommended me a more local brand called Amari Plastics, but they do not have any photographs of what they sell online, so I will have to go visit to see what they have there.

The other company I was recommended was Kitronik, but the selection they have there isn’t really what I wanted. They have lots of colours but the pearlescent range is small and they don’t look very good on the screen.


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