More prototypes

I lasercut some tests for the patterns- it took an hour and a half to print 1 sheet at the maximum size just in card, and the acrylic test sheet took over 2 hours. This is just because of the raster etching takes such a long time, if I decided to only go with the vector cut, then it would probably only take about half that amount of time per sheet, so I need to decide whether to go with colour or pattern. The trade off is money or time.

I also started making my own jumprings, which was a great deal easier than I anticipated: a coursemate showed me how to make them quickly, so I’ve been using a simple technique.

One more thing that I need to do is make a smaller test piece with just the vector cut, but this time with holes in to fit a selection of LEDs. Furthermore, once I have sewn the fabric dress, then designing the specifics of the acrylic design, such as the collar and sleeves, will be much easier.



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