Actrylic laser cut

Using the test piece of the acrylic cut, I made some larger experimental pieces. My main goal with these was to see how feasible making something to fit the human form would be with each shape.

I found out that the two sets of shapes do not line up with each other when attached: the gaps between the triangles when linked together are wider than the squares, so it is not possible to link them up into one single dress.

Instead, I think I will use triangles for the top half of the dress, as they are more flexible, and will fit over a female body, and sew that part directly to the shoulderline and waistline of the dress, and also along either side of where the fastening will be. The skirt will likely be made of squares, and also stitched directly to the waistline of the dress. Depending on the strength of the wire links, I may have to sew it along the seams as well.


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