Ceramic Artists



Two different artists who made castle-like structures and used raku glazes.

I really like the aged effect that it gives them both, and in the case of the image on the left, by Marga Janmaat, I love the way she has left the steps unglazed, as though millenias of feet have stepped on them. The scarcity of the cracks gives the impression of bricks, but since I will actually be building with real bricks, I wonder how different my castle will look with a similar glaze.

The second one, Angela Weigl, I am intrigued by the fotress-like form, and how the black cracks seem to be centered midway up the structure.

I do like the way they are both only one colour, but I think I will try using some underglazes on my test pieces as well. Or even different colour slip, to change the way it looks.



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