Wall Tests

Made some small test pieces out of a different clay than I used last time. I much prefer the way I built these to the last castle because the brick sizes are all different. Apart from being better to look at, it was also more engaging to make, because I had to think harder about what size to put each brick and where. Last time I found the production process incredibly boring because I was making the same shapes over and over again. I will be using this technique for the real piece too.

The reason I made these is to test different types of glazes, so hopefully they dry over the weekend, so I can bisque fire them on Monday. I will be using raku glazes, as the crackle effect will hopefully give an aged effect, but I need to test out which one in specific, as some are more matte than others, and have varying shades of white-clear. I also would like to experiment with under-glazes to change the brick colours: most of my research images show that the bricks are of different shades of brown, grey and red.


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