Architectural Wearable

Richard Sun

Using the human body as simply a vessel for art, rather than fitting the art to the form. It looks like pieces of a tent that he has attached together, and affixed to a form fitting dress, with thread strung between each. The juxtaposition of close cut to the projection is interesting. The scaffolding-like appearanceĀ is very imposing and probably makes it difficult for the wearer to move.

Kamilya Kuspan

Laser cut paper that stands away from the body. It looks delicate, but at the same time like it could be made from a number of stronger materials. It is such a simple concept- just one sheet that is bent slightly to make it fit to the wearer’s body- but very effective.

Helen Stewart

Laser cut acrylic geometric shapes that fit together like puzzle pieces. They remind me of freeform crystals in the way that they sprout from one particular place, and seem to grow. The simplicity of using just one colour leads me more to the shapes and to wonder how they were all put together; using multiple colours would detract from that I think.


In my own work, the outer layer still lays very close to the form of the wearer. If I had more time, it would be nice to experiment with ways I could add more form and be more experimental with my acrylic. Using more layers, or fitting pyramid like shapes in certain places would have a different effect.


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