Dress Progress

I started the top half of the dress at the shoulder lines, and built it down from there. Starting from where I did allowed me to see how it fell naturally with gravity, but the collar line is being help up with pins at the moment: I will cut out a more fitted collar shape to give it more shape and allow it to retain its shape more efficiently when I can access the laser cutter again, as I have already designed the shape for them on illustrator.

Because of the way the garment naturally falls over the back, the lines don’t match up around the arm holes, meaning I need to find a way to get them to integrate without looking ugly. It is proving difficult to find a way to make the pieces fit, as I would like the bottom edge to be straight like the front. I have to twist some of the triangles around to make it work properly, and it will need a lot of rejigging to make it work later on.

There is a high likelihood that I will need to scrap the LEDs plan, as there is just not enough time: I left out the holes for the LEDs on the illustrator design, but if I do end up having time all it would take is drilling with the right size drill bit to get the holes I need.



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