Aesthetic Decisions

Rather than having the black wire to remove the focus from the binding, I could have used other colours to instead make it part of the design. If I had chosen more subdued colours for my acrylic, I would like to have instead made the wire colours more of a feature, using perhaps rainbow colours, and patterns as the main visual of the design, or using a brightly contrasting colour, such as white against black, or yellow against purple.

I would also liked to have tested the use of other materials- I used paper for many of my prototypes and test pieces, but wood and glass would have been interesting to use. With wood, I could have created a more subtle pattern with different shades or types of wood, or knots. With glass, it would have been much harder to create the right shapes I needed to use, as it is not viable for use with the laser cutter, but the effects of slumping would certainly be very interesting. Having layered textures and things trapped inside some of the pieces could have been very appealing.


While I do like the idea of having another texture added to the acrylic, there are so many pieces of it that it would make the process too time consuming for my deadline. Etching on the laser cutter would have ended up adding another few hours onto the time I already took on it, and the machine was in high demand. Other methods of applying texture I could have used, though still time consuming, would have been to sandblast them. I tried this in order to see if the darker pink changed colour, to see if it would match up better with a slightly paler shade, but it didn’t make that much of a difference. Another would be to use some kind of glue to create a raised surface, but glue doesn’t like to stick to acrylic. I could have also cut out smaller pieces from the same acrylic, or a different colour, and used a special purpose adhesive to weld them together, but to have pieces small enough to use would have risked being lost in the laser cutter, as it has a vacuum underneath the sheets to stop it from moving.

I also tested the idea of using elastic instead of wire, to see if it would prove more flexible. It is more flexible, but the knots look messy, and when stretched out it leaves a large gap in between each piece.


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