The skirt had a great deal of problems- the wire was too soft to hold the weight of all the plastic, and until I had sewn it in around the waistline, every time I so much as nudged it pieces would come off. When it was just pinned in, it was so delicate that I considered removing the bottom half and leaving just the bodice on, as it looked good that way. To solve this problem I took off everything but the top row to stitch every other square in, and then reattached everything. It was a long process, as in order to line everything up, it had to stay on the mannequin- in the end I laid it down on the floor and worked that way.

The weight of the skirt changes the shape of the dress, pulling it down so the hemline is visible in some places. I could cover it up with more squares, but that adds the risk of more weight, and I don’t want to push how much the fabric can hold.

Overall I am pleased with how it looks, I just wish I’d had time to implement the LEDs that I had originally intended, and got a chance to take photos of someone wearing it.



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