Day 1 & 2

The flight to south Korea was long and I got very little sleep- just one hour- so by the time we landed I was pretty delirious. in the airport there was a performance of traditional Korean dancing, with the dancers moving decorative fans in a circle. We were moving too fast for me to be able to take a picture, but I’ve added a picture from Wikipedia to explain what I saw.

that night we also ate at a Korean barbecue restaurant. The food was great, even if we weren’t sure what we were eating or how to eat it. the owner was very accommodating, and helped us a lot. we tried some soju which, in my opinion, was not great.

Changdeokgung palace was on the list of things we did during the half day tour. It was very beautiful, and we all learned a lot.Traditionally Korean people decorate important buildings with paint, using 5 colours in particular: black, white, blue, red, and yellow. there is a lot of green as it is used as a base colour. The lotus flower symbol is a common symbol of the Joseon dynasty, the period during which the palace was built.

After the tour of the palace, we went to wine tasting (yuk) and then to a restaurant for bibimbap, which is rice, vegetables and ground beef served in a very hot bowl which I burned my hand on a few times. Korean meals always serve a great deal of side dishes, like salad, kimchi and small pancakes, so you always leave feeling more full than you expected to, and the portions are much larger than I’m used too.


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