Day 3 & 4

I visited Insadong with everyone to go shopping in the more craft-y area of seoul, and went into a lot of shops. While there, we looked at a bunch of shops selling crafts. Ceramic wares were everywhere, as were mother of pearl objects. I went into one of these shops and bought a mirror with mother of pearl inlay of a flower on the outside. Later on I also bought some sparkly nail polish.

They seemed to have a lot of the same shops in myeongdong, which we visited afterwards for food. There was a nature republic or an etude house everywhere you looked.

The next day as a group, we went to Kookmin University to see the students’ work. We timed our arrival well, as it was time for their tri annual exhibition of graduates’ work. I took so many photos but I can’t use all of them, so I had to narrow it down to the best ones to give a flavour of what was there.

The top floor had the fashion students, which had some interesting displays, mostly on mannequins, but on display were also some of the student’s sketchbooks, which had been decorated to match in with their work- one of them had been covered with what looked like a woolen jumper with cords, and another with heat moulded black fabric. It was quite obvious which mannequin each student had done.

On the next floor down, was interior design. It was all very chic and modern looking. I loved the way it was all presented, in small box-like rooms like in a showroom maybe. There were things laid out to show how it might be used, and make it look like it was in a real home. I would consider presenting my own work like this, if I make furniture- I would like to put context in my own work.

On the next floor down, second floor, was the industrial/product design students, which was loaded up with professional looking designs, but most of it was very visual. The way they were all presented, on a suspended board with everything on them, kinda made me glaze over a bit. They were very uniform and it made nothing stand out, in my opinion. I prefered the ones where the actual made artifact was in front of them, but my favourite by far was a project the first years were doing: they had to choose a food product and create a figurative representation of it’s flavour. They were very fun and colourful, and I would have liked to have known more about the thought processes behind these.

The ground floor had the ‘best’ of all the graduates, and the basement level was ceramics, all of which was very beautiful.



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