Constellation Week 4: Recap

“All things; the air, objects, dirt, the water, dust, humans, non-humans, plants – have their own temporalities and lives. They are ‘animate’, and they ’animate’ others through an intermingling of temporalities.”

We were asked to draw ‘our understanding of the human relationships with the more than human world’. A lot of these ended up with the human at the centre, but that is completely normal; how else are we supposed to understand anything? We are human, not anything else, and we only have this one viewpoint to see anything from.

Studying Klée’s model of an artist, he compares people with trees, drawing inspiration from the earth and transmitting it up into the world. He says that as opposed to scientists, who act like we are above the world, that we are in fact part of it, and should be humble.

We studied Ingold again; his piece about footpaths. He describes that the ground is not the same as a piece of paper because of the raises and dips of the ground, and historical buildings, we  cannot walk in a straight line the way we would mark a paper with a pencil.


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