Talk with Angela Giddon

Angela Giddon, a designer for the companies we are working with, gave us tutorials for our stool. She told us not to be discouraged by the restrictiveness of the brief, and that she had fought to make it the way it is, since it had been even more restricting previously.

She seemed to like my design, but she warned my to be careful with the decoration, since it’s being designed for the workplace. Furniture in these paces tends to get quite a beating, and it wouldn’t be good if my embellishment was too delicate, otherwise it could end up breaking or falling off. Another thing was a list of popular woods that are being used in contemporary furniture design at the moment, including oak, beech, and ash.

I was also warned not to over-embellish my design, and to keep it simple if I could.

She also gave us a bit more of an insight into what it’s like to be a designer. When you are working for someone, and making with strict guidelines, you can’t always make something that you like, and often you have to make it your own with tiny, barely-there ‘fingerprints’ or details. like the type of stitching, or a certain way of angling things. She told us that ‘my best is yet to come’ which I think is a very uplifting way of looking at it.


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