Spatial Project

Brief: design a space/something for a space in the university or outside it based on how people interact with space.

I could do installation artwork commenting on observations of said space, or be practical and create something that is useful, rather than just a commentary. While this is appealing, I will probably go for something more practical.

As it only has to be theory, maybe I will create a space with floor seating, fully decked out with carpets and floor level furniture. My ideas are based on my recent trip to South Korea, where I learned more about floor culture and underfloor heating. Also based on learning from a book about chairs which suggests that seating in general is bad for our posture and body, especially in institutions these days.

Hunching over on stools that are too high and using desks that are completely flat damages our backs and necks, so I would like to create an area which students or staff could theoretically use that is not painful and won’t assist in leaving lasting harm.

I’m going to design cusions, using a continuation of my celtic knot designs, and low tables- a full set of themed furniture, on lower scale.


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