Initial Thoughts


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Based on this this image I found in a book I’ve been reading (Cranz, G. (1998). The Chair) and my trip to South Korea, where I learned about floor culture, I want to improve the seating condition of our learning spaces. The stools in the studio space are very uncomfortable, and bad for our posture.

Using A.C. Mandal’s design of a chair and table set, I want to design an area where we can sit and work on reading and writing/sketchbook work without bending our backs unnaturally. Sitting on the floor can improve posture, and using a slightly tilted table means that we dont have to arch our back to get a better vantage point of what we are working on would be better for us in the long run.

I would place the furniture I hypothetically make in the sofa area, and lay down a carpet so that it is more comfortable to walk on barefoot, if students wish to. In a hypothetical room, I would like to have the windows lower in the walls so that the students can see outside more easilyinitial-room


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