Metal Inlay Progress

I first started experimenting with circular grids, rather than square shaped ones. I really liked the results, despite how difficult it was for me to work them into looking right: I wasn’t used to working with lines that didn’t match up easily yet. I decided which ones I liked best, then tested out what to do with them. The most obvious answer was to inlay it onto the seat, but I could also use these patterns for a myriad of other things, such as screenprinting them onto fabric to upholster something with, or cutting out the shape for the legs of the stool.

IMG_20161103_163633348.jpgI Cut out my favourite design, with the looped and interesting interior, a different grid pattern to the others, out of holographic shiny paper so that I could see the effect that the colours might have in the real materials, and on the right kind of shape.

I cut the shape out of thin aluminium, using a fretsaw and a hammer and nail to create holes. I am really pleased with the result, and I would like to see it in alternative colours, like copper or brass.

I was given some walnut veneer, so that I could cut the outer shape more easily than carving it into solid wood. I really like the way the two textures are juxtaposed, and I think I will keep to using a darker wood or veneer for my stool, if I continue to use aluminium.

For my final creation, I would like to outsource my design to a company that does water jet cutting, so that the shape is more accurate, and that I can etch the same design into wood so that it fits perfectly.


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