We had a tutorial to learn the process of lamination, with veneer. There are two methods of doing this, but the we were only shown in detail the most effective method; using a vacuum bag. The other method is the clamping method, but that distributes the pressure unevenly and can be unreliable.

Unrolling the plastic bag, we were shown how to section off a smaller part of it so that it does not waste time suctioning the air out, and makes it easier on the pump, using a reed and pipe. A board large enough to fit the formers onto comfortably is inserted into the bag, to prevent the bag from constricting around the former in the wrong way.

The next step is to make a male former, with protrusions for the veneer to mould itself to. I was able to glue each layer of veneer, using copious amounts of PVA glue (this is to prevent it from drying out in the time that it takes to glue the rest). A piece of paper, or something that resists the glue, should be used to prevent the laminate from sticking to the former.

A strip of wadding is placed along the edge of the board to spread out the pressure and make sure that the bag is pressing down evenly throughout the bag. When the pump is attached, and the vacuum started, it is important to make sure that the laminate is in the right place, as it might shift from the pressure.

It is best to use more veneer than is needed because when the veneer curves, stepping occurs, and reduces the core stability of the whole piece if not taken into account. Overcompensating with the amount that is used, while creating waste, makes the outcome better, as then the edges can be cut and sanded down.



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