Clay Masks

We made hand size (or a little bigger) clay masks from air drying clay. I wasn’t fond of the texture of the clay itself when working with it, as it is full of small plastic fibres which is what allows it to become fully dry without needing to be put in the kiln, but it leaves edges fuzzy if they are cut or pulled away. The spikes on the eye pieces are a victim of this.

This mask is inspired by A.J Fosik and the masks we saw in the documentary narrated by David Attenborough, where the nose is the main focal point of the face, and takes up a large portion of the mask. I wanted to use bright, striking colours, and I was going to embellish it with more than just the few simple lines i finished with, but in the end I decided that it looks fine the way it is. The yellow eye parts are covered in glitter that catches the light.

The main brief of this small project was to make a passport photo that reflects who the artist is, be it as a person or as a maker (in my case). Since I love pink sparkly things, rather than try and force myself to use the dark shades of brown or faded, aged colours usually found in masks in the books I researched about ancient mexico, I veered more towards Venetian style masks. This mask has glitter on too, as I’m like a magpie and always attracted to things that sparkle.



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