Layered Mask


My cardboard layered mask is more sculptural, whereas the rest of the class’s seemed to be flat layers stacked on top of each other. The multiple eyes were inspired by the artwork of A.J Fosik, with the peacock style set of eyes fanning around the face, and the layers of spiky fur. I also wanted to incorporate Arran Gregory’s geometric style into the way I built the muzzle of the creature.

I wasn’t too happy with how the end result came out, as the pieces didn’t quite match up and I was left with awkward gaps. I also didn’t enjoy the medium itself, as corrugated cardboard was difficult to cut and viewed from the side it looks very messy, with edges curling up and spaces that can’t be easily painted.

With the base coat on, it looked a lot better. I chose a metallic shade of gold and used pink to blend it out a little, and give it a bit more variation towards the points of the spikes, and chose bolder colours for the eyes.

After that, I gave it some embellishment, using lines and dots inspired by African art styles. I’m really happy with how it turned out in the end, the dots on the spikes really make it more visually interesting.


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