Magic Soap


Examples of magic soap boxes from South America. The concept is that the soap, when used to wash with, with bring the user some kind of magic. For example. good luck with money or romance. Sometimes the designs on the front are racist or sexist, which comes with the vintage feel to the illustrations- there was even one to stop your wife from nagging.

The concept I went with for my own magic soap was of general happiness and joy, since I believe that that is something that everyone could do with a bit more of. To represent this idea, I used fairly typical images of angels and unicorns and kitschy kawaii themes. My colour palette was going to be pastels from the start, as I didn’t like the gaudy yellows and reds that most of the originals had.


For the box to house the bar of magic soap of our own creation we were given a template of a regular square edged box to impose our own illustrations onto. As a maker, however, I wanted to be able to experiment more with the construction of my box, so IĀ made one from scratch, using the shape of my bar of soap as a guide, so it fit inside well. Mine is a box with a lid that can be taken off. I prefer the rounded edges to the pointed corners of the basic template.

In the end the design I decided upon was a pegacorn (unicorn with wings). I also made a sleeve for the box designed to look like a pair of wings cradling the box, since I wanted to make it more visually interesting, and also add in a level of interactivity that wouldn’t be there if it were just an ordinary box.


I used holographic paper as a background for the outer surface of the lid, and used paints to create an image to transpose onto the surface. I chose not to have large text on the exterior of the box, as I didn’t want to lose the detail of the illustration. Instead there’s a small logo on the side which says ‘unicorn’, which is also carve onto the bar of soap.


With the addition of glitter.


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