Magical Objects PDP


During the course of this field module I have learnt more about foreign cultures and traditions through the education of their superstitions: for example the Dogon who use their masks purely for functional use, not for fun like in western culture Venetian the masks are specifically for one purpose, and only that, and the wearer need permission to wear a certain type of mask from the person in charge of allocating roles for festivals. Also learning about magic soap and listening to the lectures and presentations that the course leader prepared were very interesting, as I enjoy learning more about culture and tradition in this sense.

At first I was a little disappointed with the expectations that were placed on us as a group: my experience with most projects that I have encountered so far at university have been an overarching project with a large final piece to be made at the end, but this module has been more focused on smaller projects. But as the course went on, I found it refreshing to be doing shorter projects for a while, especially after spending so long on the previous project I had been doing. It was good to be doing projects with shorter, stricter deadlines where I didn’t have time to overthink what I was doing, and could jump straight into making something with my first ideas.

Even though I enjoyed this module, I do feel as though we could have been pushed a little harder to get more things done, as I am more used to having a higher workload- when compared to the Shed Some Light field, this one seems a lot less intense. Being on this module made me more aware of my confidence with my ability to translate my ideas into 3D forms compared to other disciples.

One of our projects was to carve into a bar of soap, which I could have been more experimental with- if I were to redo that project, I would start with thinking of different ways to carve the soap into different shapes. I don’t think I would consider carving into soap again, however, despite how easy it was to work with, because the limitations of size and novelty of it.

I did not learn any new material processes, but the contextual knowledge that I have gained on this module could easily be applied to my subject area if I decide to make something related to reliquaries or masks for a project in the future. The concepts and ideas that can be gained from looking outwards and experiencing other cultures are worth researching into more, as foreign ways of thinking can spark inspiration. It was interesting to see how fine artists and illustrators go about brainstorming and ideas development; there was a lot of abstract and representational imagery whereas the way I do it is usually more like problem solving.




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