Make Your Mark

The new brief, ‘Make your Mark’ is meant for us as students to take a look into where we want to be in the future, after we leave university. We need to choose something that we want to pursue, with skills that we want to hone, and contact an artist or designer.

My initial ideas, when presented with the new brief, were to lean towards laser cutting, since that was something I really enjoyed last year. Using the lasercut chainmail dress that I made last year as a starting point, I played with the idea of scaling up the squares and using each one as canvas for a different experiment that I could do with acrylic. This includes thermoforming, vacuum forming, laser cutting, layering, sandblasting and melting.


As I searched through pinterest for inspiration, I found that I am more drawn to intricate patterns and designs such as the work of Martin Tomsky and Helen Musselwhite. I want to do something that showcases the versatility of acrylic as a medium, and is also interesting to look at.


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