Maquette Making

Using cardboard, I made a larger scale version of the linked squares that I worked on the previous year, using copper wire to link them together. I looked at other types of wire as well, because one of the major issues that I had last time was the strength of the links: copper wire is too soft to take the weight of all the plastic. This piece will hopefully be larger, and therefore heavier, than last time, so I will need wire that Is a lot thicker and stronger as well. I looked at different thicknesses of galvanised steel wire, and decided that the thickest one would likely work best, although I will need to do further testing.

On the cardboard squares, I also did a few experiments with layering, and using smaller connected pieces, as this will add more movement and interest into it. I also found, however, that these make it look quite clunky and childish, because of the thickness of the wire. I would like to create something more delicate than this, which can be achieved if I cut the designs out with the laser cutter. Cardboard is quite difficult to cut delicately with a scalpel, due to it’s thickness.


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