Acrylic Experiments

In order to progress my ideas, I laser cut a few small tester pieces with basic shapes and used the vacuum former to heat up the acrylic so it would be soft enough to mould by hand. Some of the pieces were easier to form than others; some had too many parts for me to work with at once. The cooling time was too fast for me to be able to make everything be in the right place before it got too hard to manipulate. It proved difficult to push some of the parts out of the main part it was attached too, so some of them remained stuck in their original place.

A lot of them were simple strips which I twisted and bent in interesting ways. I also found out that if I left them resting on top of each other then they fused together, although not always with reliable results.

My favourite outcome was one where the cut was a simple repeating pattern of dots, but the effect that it had when slightly morphed out of shape was really interesting to me, and the way the light filters through it is attractive, as well as the tactile texture.


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