More Perspex Experiments

I created some more repeating pattern designs on illustrator, and cut them out using clear perspex that I found in the scrap box, since i only needed small sections to do what I wanted.

I used some plain designs of repeating stars and flowers, since i thought that the extra edges could have an interesting effect once the plastic was bent out of shape, with corners pointing in different directions etc.

I found that the smaller, more finely detailed patterns turned out better, as they left less empty space which allowed the material to appear more as one cohesive piece, rather than broken up too much.

Also I discovered that it is better to use thinner acrylic; if it is over 3mm in thickness it becomes difficult to work with and it makes bending it difficult. Also, I had sections which I intended to push out and have peeled away from the main part, but because of the thickness I had a lot of difficulty with that. None of the pieces would stay, and there wasn’t enough time before it cooled to push all of them out.


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